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Earthquake, riot, political coup, war, pandemic, power outage:  in a major US city or an urban environment overseas, the unpredictable happens to you, your loved ones, or employees.  The grid does down, so there is no phone service; no police; no medical services.  You need to make your way to a safe location.  

At One.61, as part of our 8 hour block of instruction, we use the classroom in the morning to teach you urban survival skills and then in the afternoon we insert you into an unfamiliar, non-English speaking urban environment in the greater Miami area without your iPhone or credit card. As part of the street exercise, you need to make your way to friendly lines, e.g. a notional Embassy or shelter.

Students must be capable of walking 4 miles (or 6.5 kilometers) in warm weather wearing comfortable clothing and sneakers.

Learn how to blend into the local population:  the grey man/grey woman concept; how to navigate with map and compass; how to improvise first aid or, as a last resort, a weapon; how to hide valuables in the city; where to bed down at night on the street; how to make contact securely with an unknown individual who claims he wants to help you; escape from restraints, e.g. duct tape, and trunk of a car; and much more.

Our program is designed for individuals to include teenagers, and corporate teams who seek to enhance their preparedness, confidence, and peace of mind.  For corporations, there are of course liability concerns related to preparedness.  COVID, Katrina, riots:  bad things happen, even in the US.

Our training goes beyond theoretical knowledge, offering practical, hands-on tradecraft that helps prepare you for emergencies. From navigating through dense cityscapes to handling medical situations, our Urban Survival Training provides you with the tools to stay safe, aware, and confident in an urban environment.

Service Overview

Our Urban Survival Training is a detailed program designed to address the unique challenges and risks associated with emergencies in urban environments. The training is structured into several key components, each focusing on different aspects of urban survival:

Navigating Urban Landscapes: Learn the essentials of urban navigation without the aid of an iPhone, including route planning, crowd navigation, and using public transportation safely and efficiently.  Learn how to use a paper map and compass.

Recognizing and Avoiding Threats: We emphasize the importance of situational awareness in urban settings. You’ll learn how to identify potential threats, such as street crimes or hazardous situations, and the best practices to avoid them.  Become a grey man or grey woman.

Medical Emergency Response in Urban Settings: Gain knowledge on how to respond effectively in various medical emergencies, to include improvised first aid when there is no doctor.

Self-Defense and Personal Safety: Our training includes practical last resort self-defense techniques tailored for urban scenarios, helping you protect yourself in unexpected situations.  Learn how to make an improvised weapon.

Urban Survival Gear and Preparedness: Understand what essential gear you should carry in an urban environment when evading and escaping; tips on how to prepare for unforeseen events.

Urban Survival Training

Sample Agenda

The Personal Safety Course for Higher Risk Individuals is structured into several modules, each focusing on different aspects of personal safety and security. Below is a typical agenda that covers a comprehensive range of scenarios:

Module 01: Cyber/Online Security Measures

Module 02: Personal Safety Preparedness

Module 03: Personal Safety in Public Places

Module 04: Kidnapping and Stalker Prevention & Escape

Module 05: Drug Prevention & Escape

Module 06: Conclusion & Recap

Why Choose Our Urban Survival Training?

Opting for One.61’s Urban Survival Training offers several distinct advantages:

Expert-Led Training: Our courses are conducted by professionals with extensive experience in urban safety and survival. Our cadre have been to many of the most austere locations on the planet.

Practical and Hands-On Approach: We believe in learning by doing. Our training includes real-life simulations and practical exercises.

Tailored Content: Recognizing that each individual or organization has unique needs, our training programs are customizable to address specific urban survival scenarios.

Empowerment Through Knowledge: Our goal is to empower participants with the confidence and skills to handle most urban challenge they might face.

Bilingual:  English and Spanish

What You Will Learn

Participants in our Urban Survival Training program will acquire a set of skills and knowledge, essential for navigating and responding to urban challenges. Key learning outcomes include:

Enhanced Situational Awareness: Develop the ability to quickly assess your urban environment and identify potential risks or dangers. Where and how to hide valuables in the city.

Effective Threat Avoidance: Learn strategies to avoid common urban threats, from petty theft to more serious dangers. Become a grey man; grey woman.
Emergency Preparedness: Gain insights into preparing for and responding to urban emergencies, including natural disasters and other crises.

Practical Self-Defense Skills: Acquire last resort self-defense techniques that are effective in urban settings, focusing on quick and practical responses. How to make an improvised weapon.

Urban Navigation Proficiency: Master the skills of efficient urban navigation, including the use of map and compass.

Personal Safety Measures: Understand the essentials of personal safety in urban environments, including the right gear and mindset for urban survival. How to escape from restraints such a duct tape or zip ties; escape the trunk of a car. How to conduct a link-up with an unknown individual who claims he is there to help you—caution!

Target Audience for Urban Survival Training

Our Urban Survival Training is designed for a diverse audience, each of whom may encounter unique challenges in urban environments:

Corporate Executives and Employees: Especially those who travel frequently to urban areas for work.
Residents of Urban Areas: Individuals living in or moving to large cities who wish to enhance their urban survival skills.
Travelers and Tourists: Those who travel to urban destinations and want to ensure their safety while exploring.
Security Professionals: Including private security personnel and law enforcement officers who operate in urban settings.
Students and Young Adults: Particularly those who are new to living independently in urban environments.

Practical Applications of the Training

The skills and knowledge gained from our Urban Survival Training have numerous practical applications:

Daily Urban Living: Apply the learned skills to enhance your daily safety and efficiency in urban living.
Travel Safety: Utilize urban survival skills to stay safe while traveling in cities, both domestically and internationally.
Professional Preparedness: For professionals working in urban areas, these skills contribute to a safer and more secure work environment.
Community Safety: Share knowledge and techniques with your community, enhancing overall safety and preparedness.

Are you ready to empower yourself with essential urban survival skills? Join our Urban Survival Training program today and take a significant step towards ensuring your safety and confidence in urban environments. Whether you’re a professional working in the city, a frequent traveler, or a resident in an urban area, our training is tailored to equip you with the necessary skills to navigate and thrive in the urban setting.

Enroll Now: Sign up for our upcoming Urban Survival Training sessions and start your journey towards urban preparedness.
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Take the first step towards mastering urban survival skills. Your safety and peace of mind are invaluable – invest in them today.


Urban Survival Training

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Frequently Asked Questions

No prior experience is necessary. Our training is designed for individuals of all skill levels, from beginners to those with some experience in urban survival.

8 hours, broken down into 4 hours of classroom in the morning and 4 hours of street exercise in the afternoon.  We train during daylight hours, but nighttime instruction is also an option, and in some way adds even more realism to the experience.

Absolutely. We can tailor the training to suit the specific requirements of corporate teams, focusing on scenarios and skills most relevant to their needs.

Our training includes a variety of practical exercises, such as urban navigation drills, emergency medical response simulations, and last resort self-defense workshops.

Yes, our training is designed to be applicable in a wide range of urban settings, from large metropolitan areas to smaller cities.

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